Tv’s Gossip Girl’s Giveaway!!!

Alright boys and girls! Right off the bat Tv’s Gossip Girl is already giving back! Did ya like that? Alright I’ll stop but here is the scoop. I shall be throwing a live webinar event that shall be totally awesome and will be interviewing a TV insider of the Hollywood set!

Yes! I scored big on this one and no I will not reveal who it is but I will mention that this pretty well known insider is 28 years old and her cousin owns a tree removal company out in Dallas Texas…I know what your thinking…lame and this could be anyone but that’s why you will just have to show up and be ready for a free Tv’s Gossip Girl vacation giveaway on me!!!

Oh and the vacation spot is also a surprise…but what I can tell you is that this very first webinar of mine shall be totally awesome and please feel free to ask away any questions you may have for our guest. The webinar will be on April 9th 8:00 pm central time so please tune in!