Rant of the Day!!! “The Big Yeezy”

Alright guys so here is what I like to talk about today…You ready? It’s Kanye West! That’s right the big Yeezy in da house! This guy has definitely been the talk of the town of lately and today just want to go over some things about him. Well first of all Kanye is not exactly my favorite person in the world. I mean a guy who would taunt poor Taylor Swift must be a not so good person, right? I mean Kanye could pick beef with any other hardcore rapper but he is such a coward, that he picks on a petite white girl who didn’t do anything to start nor create any drama whatsoever!

Secondly, Kanye has to be the most arrogant person on this planet! For example, the way that he handled himself on a live episode on SNL, was absolutely ridiculous! Apparently, he is 50% more influential then anyone who ever walked this planet… I feel as though Mr. West is just a deranged soul that needs some reality in his life.

I do believe he is indeed talented however, his latest stuff seems to be a little out there for my taste. I did like his first two albums and then after that, I just couldn’t stand what he was putting out! Oh well, I guess his ego was just getting too much for him and he taught his music was better than it really was.

Anyways King Yeezy, has a perfect soul mate in Kim Kardashian and I think that they are both made for each other. Both Kim and Kanye love themselves more than anyone else on the planet and I do feel for them. It must be hard life with all the negative publicity and especially since they didn’t create nor start any of it…Yeah right!